Am I still entitled to free transport?

Children over 16 are no longer entitled to free school transport. If a designated school bus covers your area please contact Devon County Council in advance to enquire about reserving a vacant seat. Where transport costs are involved, eligible students can apply for the college bursary which can be used towards travel costs.


Can I keep the laptop?

Whilst at Coombeshead Sixth Form College the laptop remains the property of the school. If you leave before the end of Year 13 the laptop needs to be returned. If you complete the 2 years with us the laptop is yours to keep.


Can I go home during study periods?

Supervised study must be completed in the Study Centre. Planned study can be completed where you work best and can be at home.


What do I do in my study periods if I have no work?

Our Sixth Form assistant supports supervised study and is able to help students identify work that needs to be completed and effectively manage study time. If students complete independent work set by teachers, they can access wider reading lists provided by all subjects to support understanding around the subject and refer to our Independent Study Guide.


I’m ill and can’t come into college what do I do?

Please contact stanislava.lezemore@coombesheadacademy.org.uk  by 08:45am to report any absence. Once well enough, please ensure you catch up with all work missed.


I would like to secure some work experience, how do I get started?

You will be supported in tutor time and Life Skills lesson to think about work experience placements. Our school careers advisor is able to provide contact details of employers who welcome work experience placements.


I would like to contribute to the college, how can I do this?

We have a wide variety of Enrichment and Leadership opportunities available to students and are proud of the role model ethos our students embody. Opportunities include Sixth Form Student Union, Student Governors, Mental Health First Aiders, Subject Ambassadors and many more.

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