Knowledge Organisers

Homework is set across all year groups to ensure that learning is embedded and remembered.  All students in Year 7-11 receive 1.5 hours of homework each day, Monday to Friday. Students will all spend 1 hour on three different subjects (20 mins per subject) and 30 mins reading their own reading book.  Most homework is set using knowledge organisers, focusing on retention of information. The knowledge organisers are broken down into weeks so that students know exactly what to focus on. All homework is completed in blue A4 homework books. Maths homework is set online using the Sparx platform.

In Years 10 and 11 additional tasks are set to ensure application to examination questions outside of lessons. All students follow the homework schedule as detailed in the Knowledge Organisers. This ensures that students always have homework set and always know what work they need to do.

Students will be given training in how to complete the homework using the knowledge organiser. It is important that teachers continue to reinforce these expectations so that students are completing meaningful homework. They should never just copy from the knowledge organiser.

  1. Learning the content: students should use the cover-write-check method.
    1. Read the section of the knowledge organiser
    2. Cover it up
    3. Write out what you can remember
    4. Check the knowledge organiser to see that what you have written is accurate
    5. Correct any mistakes in purple pen
    6. Repeat the process, even if you got it 100% right the first time
  2. Self quizzing: this can involve questions given by the teacher or questions the students have designed themselves


Homework is checked by the classroom teacher in the next lesson following the scheduled homework.

All students are issued with a printed copy of the Knowledge Organiser. Electronic copies can be found below.

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