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We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to learn in a stimulating and inspirational environment where they can be challenged at the highest levels, as well supported and nurtured, to achieve their very best.
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  • Coombeshead Academy - Coombeshead - Jan 7
    Please see below this morning’s start of term assembly with Mr Coles (Headteacher). Unfortunately there were a number of technical issues this morning preventing everyone in school from viewing it. Thank you https://t.co/mySs0drktB
  • Coombeshead Academy - Coombeshead - Jan 4
    Safeguarding Information and Contacts January 2021 Please click on the link below for up to date safeguarding contacts list https://t.co/E6D2Dc52Y0
  • Coombeshead Academy - Coombeshead - Jan 4
    Parents, Carers and Students Please click on the link to see Message from the Head Teacher https://t.co/zbn6dB3GZz
  • Coombeshead Academy - Coombeshead - Dec 31
    Covid Testing - Thank you to everyone offering their time to help us. We are very grateful for the response and due to the numbers we have not yet been able to contact everyone, but we will. Please contact stuart.white.org.uk if you can help with the testing.
  • Coombeshead Academy - Coombeshead - Dec 29
    Could you help with the Schools Covid testing programme? Experience would be beneficial but not essential. Training will be provided and you will not be on your own! If you are interested please contact - stuart.white.org.uk or call on 01626248942
  • @Coombeshead retweeted @thebigstep18 - Dec 19
    YES . Another year at this fantastic school in. We had a great feeling with this school in the summer, the SLT blew us away with their support and we can’t wait to deliver again in 2021. Check out our 2021 parent flyer which will be sent out in 2021. https://t.co/XWkyRFbw2C
  • Coombeshead Academy - Coombeshead - Dec 11
    New Year 13 Student Governors attended their first Governing Body meeting to present their reports based on extensive student feedback from all year groups. Great feedback about the curriculum and assessment cycle from across the student body. https://t.co/AJuh29PNUX
  • Coombeshead Academy - Coombeshead - Dec 11
    Bus Incident: All students doing well and back in school. Mr Coles is pleased to report that he has met with all the students and reassured them. Counselling support available throughout the day. Bus company reports that the driver is home and resting.
  • Coombeshead Academy - Coombeshead - Dec 10
    A huge thank you to our wonderful students who have been involved in this afternoon's bus accident. They are all uninjured and now safely on their way home. Thank you to the emergency services for all their help and support and the staff who helped from Newton Abbot College.
  • Coombeshead Academy - Coombeshead - Dec 10
    All children are uninjured following one of Grey Cars coaches crashing at a roundabout near Coombeshead College this afternoon. This coach is CHA1 and was taking students to Chudleigh and Bovey Tracey. Mr Coles will send a communication to parents later today.
  • Coombeshead Academy - Coombeshead - Nov 23
    Coombeshead Academy has a vacancy for a Teacher of English. Follow the link for more information and details on how to apply: https://t.co/wiz70pRc4p
  • @Coombeshead retweeted @DofESouthWest - Jul 7
    Great achievement from participants at ! https://t.co/8q8gmCIdoT
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