At Coombeshead Academy we have developed our Life Skills curriculum to make sure that we meet the needs of the young people in our community. The main aim of our curriculum is to support the emotional, social and cultural development of pupils, and involves learning about relationships, sexual health, sexuality, healthy lifestyles, diversity and personal identity. The Life Skills curriculum is divided into three sections:

- Relationships (RSE)- From September 2020 ALL secondary schools in England are required to teach young people about Relationship and Sex Education (RSE).

- Health and Wellbeing

- Living in the wider world (futures and careers)

We believe that our high-quality Relationships and Sex Education will stay with our pupils for life. RSE is not about encouraging teenagers to become sexually active nor is it about promoting any particular lifestyle or relationship choice. RSE is about providing pupils with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make safe, healthy and informed relationship choices as young people and in the future as adults. RSE focuses on giving young people the information they need to help them develop healthy, nurturing relationships of all kinds including:

- Families

- Respectful relationships, including friendships

- Online and media

- Being safe

- Intimate and sexual relationships, including sexual health

Our curriculum is taught from Year 7- 13, is age appropriate and differentiated to the needs of ALL pupils. We present information in an objective, balanced and sensitive manner.

Our Life Skills lessons actively encourage the development of social skills and communication and enable students to build their sense of identity and belonging, preparing them for life within a diverse society.

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RSHE Policy

Citizenship Provision KS3 and KS4

Learning Journey LIFE SKILLS 2023

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