Tutor Reading Programme

We are really excited to have launched our Tutor Reading Programme for all students in Years 7-10, which takes place during registration 4 days a week. The reading programme is based on our Coombeshead Literary Canon: 40 books chosen by our English subject team, that cover a range of genres. The programme is very structured and has the following key principles that are all based on the latest research into reading strategies:

  • 10 books are allocated to each year group (see  overview of each book below) and tutors will aim to read as many as possible over the course of the year. A student joining in Year 7 is estimated to read over 2 million words by the end of Year 10!
  • Reading takes place during registration time for four days a week lasting around 20 minutes each day.
  • The tutor always reads to the students. This helps students to follow the story, as well as modelling key aspects of reading such as pace, pausing, tone and expression.
  • All students are expected to follow the reading, line by line, by tracking with a ruler or bookmark.

Texts have been selected carefully to ensure that the range of narratives available address age-appropriate themes, but offer a high level of challenge too. We are dedicated to ensuring that progress is made at every stage of your child’s learning journey, and are sure that this new initiative will provide endless opportunities for that. We invite parents to regularly engage with their child about the books being read.

Strategies for supporting your child at home:

Be interested - ask about the book daily – plot, characters, themes, predictions

Be sensitive - ensure students have chance to discuss delicate themes that arise

Be aware - feel free to purchase and read the book that your child is reading
(as long as they don’t jump ahead in the book beyond their peers!)

Be relaxed - offer a calm, stress-free environment that cultivates enthusiasm

Be an example - let your child see you reading for pleasure on a regular basis at home 


The Year 7 list can be found here

The Year 8 list can be found here

The Year 9 list can be found here

The Year 10 list can be found here


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