Staff List

Senior Leadership

Executive Headteacher Robert Coles
Head of School Helen Coulson
Senior Deputy Headteacher Tom Graham
Deputy Headteacher Andrew Balsdon
Assistant Headteacher Jo Chappell
Assistant Headteacher Clare Bamford
Associate Assistant Headteacher James Thomas
Associate Assistant Headteacher Andrew Davis


Teaching Staff

Curriculum/Team Area Curriculum Team Leader Deputy Team Leaders (DTL) Teachers/Staff
Creative Arts Sam Eyre  

Julie Clifford

Emily Parr

Tracy Williams

Michelle Horton

Robert Whitcher 

English Tamzin Faull  

Laura Wilson

Lauren Jacques

Billie Strong

Gemma Cleaveley

Molly Miles

Hilary Morley

Expressive Arts Andy Tyner 

Kelly Armstrong

David Harbottle

Lauren Hill

Meriel Hughes

Food & Nutrition James Thomas  

Gordon Stevenson

Katie Goldsworthy

Tracy Williams

Sandie Fleming

Dave Harding

Geography  Clare Kingscott  

James Doxford

Anna Salmons

Tom Graham

History and Sociology, Beliefs and Values

Andrew Worley


Paula Masters

Cat Joyce

Louise Stinchcombe

Computing & Business

Beth Ousey

  Angela Magill
Mathematics Joanna Williams Emma Loveridge

Edward Gore

Barry Palmer

Ciara Tidy

Eleanor Cummings

Modern Languages

Caroline Patel

Anna Stewart


Jo Chappell

Liz Riley

Sophie Farleigh

Lee Cheeseworth

Sport & PE Jamie Tripcony   

Andy Balsdon

Hannah Dawe

Ryan Hanauer

Carly Swann

Emily Hardingham

Ellie Dyke

Martine Carthew

Science, Psychology and Criminology Fiona Peters 

Ruth Marsh

Tomos Emanuel

Helen Coulson

Ryan Hanauer

Andrew Davis         

Paul Sheffield

Lenita Turk

Carl Withers

Jo Crocker

The Sixth Form

Director of Sixth Form          

Andrew Davis                         

Sixth Form Administrator

Stany Lezemore


Pastoral Team

Year Team Leaders

Head of School Helen Coulson
Year 7 Team Leader Paul Sheffield
Year 8 Team Leader Lenita Turk
Year 9 Team Leader Ellie Cummings
Year 10 Team Leader Gordon Stevenson
Year 11 Team Leader Ellie Dyke


Student Support

Year 7 Student Support Officer Natalie McFarlane
Year 8 Student Support Officer Alison Massey
Year 9 Student Support Officer Beth Griffiths
Year 10 Student Support Officer Lucy Donaldson
Year 11 Student Support Officer Natalie Beeks
Pastoral Team Leader Natalie Beeks
Bridge Supervisor Chris Wannell
Attendance Lead Nicola Archard



Learning Support


SENDCO Clare Bamford
Assistant SENDCO Admin Lisa Hughes
Learning Hub Manager Lisa Evans
Learning Support Assistant Charlotte Thomas
Learning Support Assistant Gemma Butler
Learning Support Assistant Clare Crews
Learning Support Assistant Yvette Huxham
Learning Support Assistant Rachel Horswell
Learning Support Assistant Kim Place
Learning Support Assistant Bernie Witts
Learning Support Assistant Saidie Carlisle
Learning Support Assistant Joe Baxter


Support Staff

Curriculum/Team Area Team Leader Teachers/Staff
Admin Team

Caroline Battong

PA to the Executive Headteacher

PA to Head of School

Clerk to LGB

Linda Clark - Receptionist

Exam Officer Dominica Sinclair  Invigilators
Attendance Helen Coulson Nicola Archard  
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