Curriculum Model

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Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Since September 2020 Key Stage 3 was changed to include Year 7, 8 and 9. 2021-22 is the final transition year in the implementation of the new macro curriculum. Please see model for 2022-23 for full implementation.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Historically students have taken options for Key Stage 4 during Year 8 and started courses in Year 9. Since September 2020 Year 9 students continued to study the full breadth of the National Curriculum. Since September 2021 students have had a wider choice of options and the EBACC will once again be widely promoted to ensure take up from all student groups including those from disadvantaged backgrounds. In September 2021 – 60% of Year 10 followed the full EBACC. This model will continue in September 2022.


Key Stage 5 Curriculum

The curriculum in ‘The Sixth Form’ is constructed from a broad range of A Levels and Level 3 BTEC courses taught across three sites - Coombeshead Academy, Teign School and South Devon UTC (all part of Education South West). South Devon University Technical College (UTC) is a specialist Engineering and Health Science college.

All students are expected to study 3 A Level or Level 3 courses during Year 12 and 13 from the following options. Each student receives 9 hours of taught curriculum time across two weeks plus additional study outside of lessons. All students are offered the opportunity to complete an EPQ and work experience, as well as volunteering in order to ‘grow your whole self’ (Coombeshead Way).

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