Message From Head Teacher 04/01/2021

4th January 2021

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,


After a tumultuous 3 weeks over what is actually happening in schools we have re-opened, albeit to a limited population inside our school.


Thank you for your patience and support during the holidays as we fielded lots of your queries and worries about access to school or logging on for remote learning. I am sure that today won’t be plain sailing as we attempt to teach over a thousand students in a blended way. Teaching is designed to be a face to face activity where can see and hear the needs of the young people as they unfold in front of us. To teach so many students remotely is going to be tough but we will do our very best in order to maintain each young person’s progress and protect their mental wellbeing.


As the next two weeks unfold please keep in touch with us if you are worried about anything. Please encourage your sons and daughters to attend tutor time at 8.45am each day as well as all their lessons. This way we have the best chance of keeping their learning and development up to speed as well as protecting their mental health. Our team of Student Support Officers will be at the end of the phone to support you if you need any help.


I will publish daily updates to you via our social media, website and through normal emails.


Thank you again for your support. Wishing you a peaceful and safe New Year.


All good wishes.


Robert Coles


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